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John Batchelor hated School. From the boring lessons, to the morons he had to attend class with; and the useless Teachers. In fact the only /teacher/">teacher he did like was his form tutor; Miss Lewis.

He could still remmember his first day of Secondary School. Hed been put in a class whose form tutor was an old Battle-axe; Mrs Cooper, all she did was yell all the time. But as he progressed through School he kept noticing stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv Miss Lewis aroung the building, always very well dressed, and made up nicely.

The /first-time/">first time he really noticed her was when she yelled at him for leaving School property during lunch, which was strictly forbidden. She was stood in front of him giving him a lecture and all he could do was stare at her cleavage. Hed never seen her up close before and never with a Blouse as tight as the one she had on, her breasts were huge, and the blouse was so tight the buttons were straining.

This moment was the catalyst of many a masturbating session when he got home, as soon as he got in the door; up to his room and cock in hand. This went on for many months, John doing his best to bump in to her. Then his dreams came true; he was placed in her class, not only as his form tutor but for Art lessons also.

Each day he would sit at the back of the class with a raging hard on, rubbing it through his trousers, not concentrating one bit on the lesson, just her breasts. Then one day he decided to leave School again; this time to get sweets for him and his /friend/best-friend/">best friend. As usual he got court, but this meant his first detention with Miss Lewis, he was over the moon.

He was outside the classroom door nice and early for his punishment, and it was just going to be him and her. She give him a stern glare when she arrived, and took him into the room and told him to sit down. "Well John" she said "been a /bad/bad-boy/">bad boy again". Instead of bowing his head in shame John was staring straight at her breasts, she carried on "I dont know what to do with you" she looked at him and noticed his lack of interest in what she was saying.
"The least you could do is look me in the face, or are you too ashamed"
"No Miss" Johh replied, it was that tight blouse that was doing it again.
"Then why do you keep staring at my chest" Miss Lewis asked. It was then John said something that he couldnt believe, but was the start of something good.
"I just love staring at your breasts, theyre /gorgeous/">gorgeous"
At that moment he went red and said"Im sorry, I really am" Miss Lewis grinned at him, he was expecting a slap.
"Ive noticed your fascination"
With that she seemed to push them out further"here" she commanded"take a good luck; you dirty little shit" and thats what John did, shamelesley, sat there and had a good close up look. Miss Lewis laughed
"You are taken with them arent you"?
She laughed again, and then started to stroke his hair, John couldnt believe this! "Your ever so /sweet/">sweet you know" she whispered, Johns penis was huge by now.
"Hear" she said, "feel them" John put out his hands and grabbed them both and gently squeezed them, feeling the material of her Blouse and Bra.
"Undo it then" Johns hands went straight to the buttons, undoing each one until her Blouse was open. He was having trouble containing himself, her /big/big-breasts/">big breasts encased in a white lacy Bra, the fleash of her cleavage spilling over the top. He sqeeuzed them again, and put his face in them. She then reached round and undid her Bra, her breasts falling free, with that he leaned forward and started to squeeze and suck themm taking her nipples and as much of her flesh into his mouth as he could. Miss Lewis let a a small breath, and John was undoing his trousers, so he can masturbate while he sucked his dream breasts. Miss Lewis looked down and saw him; again she giggled, and got down in between his legs.

She got hold of his Penis, and did the most marvellous of things, wrapped her breasts around his erect Penis, and started to move her breasts around and up and down his shaft. Johns eyes started to water with pleasure
"Is that good you /bad/">bad boy" she asked
"Yes" was all he could say, she smiled and carried on. John lost it just white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie after those words, he had the most intense orgasm of his short life, covering her neck and her chin in sticky cum, he looked down to watch it drip on to her heaving bust.

First she just grinned at him, but then she looked annoyed "look at the mess youve made" she shouted, John was confused " Well for doing that its another detention for you again tomorrow" she stood up and cleaned herself up with a tissue, put on her Bra and Blouse and headed for the door.
"Go gome and thing about what youve just done, have a wank or something" to bloody right thought john, still sat in his chair in shock "and tomorrow dont make such a mess"!!!!!!!!!!!