Graduation Day

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Graduation Day

This is another story of Zach and Kyle.

After me and Kyle’s hot escapades in the locker room we fell in even more love, we both were horny all the time and pleasuring each other was no problem. We were in love, and nothing would break us apart. We hadn’t told anyone about it yet so we kept it a secret. Well it was the end of our senior year in high school when we got caught for having sex. We were getting ready for /graduation/">graduation the day before graduation actually started. Well me and Kyle finally got done and were so horny that we went to a secret spot hidden in the music room. Well that day was awesome we were in total heat, we couldn’t hear anything.

So when we finally broke apart our kiss we heard the door open, but thought nothing of it because no one would ever find us. So we continued to strip down until we were both naked, we started to suck 69 styles until we were ready to blow. I stopped and got up well Kyle moved to sit on his butt, then started to sit on his cock. It went straight in with no problems because I was so used to his /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock. We were riding hard until he blew his cum all up my ass. Then we switched positions I just had Kyle lay on his back. He slightly moaned, and that’s when we heard the door to our secret hiding spot open.

We didn’t notice because I was slamming Kyle’s /ass/ass-hard/">ass hard. But all we heard was what the fuck are you guys doing. We both looked up and saw one off our other best friends Tyler; I’ve seen his cock a few times but never said anything about it. He said straight to us how come you didn’t invite me, because apparently he’s had a crush on us for a while. So we said strip down and we can have a threesome. He stripped right down and out popped a 9 inch uncut cock that I swear was so /fat/">fat it was the size of beer can. Tyler was pretty tall with a bokep sma pecah perawan six pack, so he got down on the floor and that’s when I realized I was still in Kyle and seeing Tyler in front of me made me shoot my load way deep in to Kyle.

I suggested that we should make a triangle and suck on each other until we jazzed. Tyler thought it was a good idea but he wanted to old waman xxxgx fuck the both of us after. So we sucked on each other until he said that was enough than we decided to fuck. We all got up and decide that Tyler would stick it in me and Kyle would stick it in Tyler.

It hurt a lot when Tyler tried to enter me. But after he got it in it felt all well so Kyle then entered Tyler with a little bit of a push. But that’s when we started to go at it. We were all going the same tempo and Kyle and Tyler were about to shoot their loads and god all mighty it felt awesome. After that we switched to me fucking Tyler and Kyle being fucked by Tyler.

After about 3 minutes we were back to the same temp and believe me it felt awesome. After we shot your loads we got up and left now every now and then Tyler, Kyle, and I sometimes spend a whole day fucking each other now. Me and Kyle still live together and Tyler comes to visit every now and then for some hot fun.