Spontaneous hree some

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Spontaneous hree some

From the window of the Managers Office looking out over the work stations of her Colleagues Wendy was surprised to hear the sounds of two people walking about.”
"I thought I was the only one here at this time of night."

Wondering who it could be, Wendy silently crept to the window and bobbing down so only her eyes were visible over the sill she espied Kathy and a man enter the room.
Kathy was one of her closest work mates and friends, sharing work and going out to the local Pubs and clubs together. Not to mention sharing a man together at times!”
"Why would she not have told me she was working tonight? And who is that man she is with?"

Suppressing the urge to call out Wendy watched, with mounting /surprise/">surprise, the events unfolding before her eyes!
Looking round the room carefully then beckoning to the man to come closer, Kathy sat on her desk top. Hitching up her skirt, opening her legs welcoming the man between them! Wrapping her arms round his square shoulders and pulling her legs up to encompass his round ass cheeks she pressed her mouth against his. Glued together their passions took over!

His hands went to her blouse, buttons quickly popping open, tits spilling out into his waiting hands. Wendy could see the /nipples/red-nipples/">red nipples of her friend stiffen between his fingers and thumb as he began playing with them, rolling round and across, pulling on them hard then palming them gently.

Their kissing becoming more urgent, her legs beating against his buttocks as his hands squashed and squeezed her /tits/large-tits/">large tits. Breaking from the kiss Kathy leaned back on her elbows, her tits wobbling and shaking. He quickly dipped his hand to his trousers, the sound of a zip opening and suddenly his huge manhood came into view!”

Wendy nearly fainted! It was Huge! At least ten inches in length and as thick as her wrist! Holding it with one hand it was in plain view for Wendy to see the throb of its veins and the purple head of his helmet. Keeping quiet but watching enthralled Wendy's hand crept to her crotch.

Lifting Kathy's legs up to his shoulders he gave a quick thrust and she stiffened! Another quick powerful thrust of his loins and Wendy could see Kathy mouth a silent,”

Arching her back, tossing her head she began to steadily hump against him! Holding her waist and balancing her legs on his broad shoulders he fucked into her with ever quicker thrusts. Harder and more powerfully driving into her. Kathy's flailing arms sent pens and paper clattering to the floor. Tossing her head from side to side, stuffing her fist into her mouth to stop her crying out. Eyes closed, nostrils flaring and tits bouncing she worked her hips harder and faster to match his fuck rhythm.

Wendy's hand at her crotch tearing at the gusset of her panties.... fingers quickly massaging her slit and feeling her juices boiling! Dipping two fingers straight into her hot sticky minge driving them in hard, pulling them out to lift them to her mouth and lick the juices off them before diving right down again! Eyes not leaving the sight on the table Wendy frigged herself to orgasm as Kathy herself exploded over the mans still hugely erect cock!”

Turning quickly over onto her stomach, Kathy let her legs fall to the floor and sticking her ass in the air, pushed it against his throbbing cock. Holding onto her lovehandles he pulled her back to meet his powerful lunges! Legs stretched as wide as she could Kathy took all of his mighty weapon deep up her cunt. Balls banging against her pelvis and prick buried to the hilt in her squishy moistness!
Three fingers now in her cunt frigging away her other hand moving up to open her shirt Wendy began to cup and fondle her tits, pressing the /hot/red-hot/">red hot nipples between finger and thumb while she fingered her clit. Pulling and rubbing across both her clit and nipple then returning her gaze to the sight in the other room.

Pounding away in and out of Kathy's slit, his ass a blur and his hands pulling and gripping her hips hard grinding into her, ramming his cock faster and faster into Kathy's willing pussy. The noise of their lovemaking echoing round the room, her screams of joy, his grunts of satisfaction and then the howl of pleasure released!”

Stiffening then wanking the last few strokes as his balls exploded sending white hot jism arching up over her buttocks to land with a <> on her back, followed by another and another! Sighing with pleasure and clamping her thighs round her fingers Kathy joined him in Nirvana.

Wendy couldn't restrain herself any longer! Her hands began dancing over her tits and inside her lathered cunt. Head arching back, mouth opening and a silent scream escaping her soft red lips. Fingers deeply embedded inside her, thumbing her throbbing clit and tweaking her nipple hard she came in a mighty orgasm! So hard was her cumming that she fell sideways, sending the chair she was using as support clattering to the ground!

"What was that?" she heard Kathy exclaim. "I thought we were alone."
Before Wendy could get up and hide, Kathy's face appeared over the window sill. A look of shock on her face quickly giving way to laughter as she saw Wendy sprawling on the floor, her knickers round her ankles and fingers wet with her juice!

"Oh, it's you...... enjoying yourself?" enquired Kathy smiling.
"Not as much as you...... Who is he?" taking the bull by the horns, after all it was quite useless to deny that she had seen and heard let alone DONE anything about Kathy's sexual encounter!
"Just someone I met at 'Burger King' earlier. Quite a stud isn't he?" then laughing, "Care to join us?"
"Thought you”d never ask!" Climbing up quickly and opening the door to her full hd xvideo download office Wendy invited them both in.
"Hi...... I'm Wendy and you are?"

"Carl..... mmm nice office." he said without even looking, his eyes riveted to Wendy's tits still on open display. Nipples red and erect waiting for..... waiting for his tongue! Which wasn't long in coming! Taking hold of her waist pulling her to him, squashing his face into her cleavage, kissing between as his hands caressed her ass cheeks. Taking a nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue round its swollen surface and hands lifting the hem of her skirt up to expose her naked buttocks. Rolling his hands round and round her ass, delving into the deep cleft between.... a finger touching her anus.... moving down stroking her pink swollen slit.

Melting in his arms, her breathing becoming harder as he awoke feelings in her breast, her cunt and her very being!
"Ahhh yes, touch my slit.... play with my pussylips... Mmmm."

Turning in his grasp, bending her torso over the desk and sensing him slide down her body, his hands touching, playing and stroking her quivering flesh. His hands opening her legs, forcing them apart then his soft hot breath blowing against her cuntlips and his fingers touching her inner thighs.

"Aaaaahhhhh..." Wendy cried out with unsurpassed pleasure. "Oooohhh! Ahhh, yes... Mmmm!"

His fingers opening her slit wide, forcing entry into her willing orifice. Juicy and Hot her cuntwalls wrapping themselves round his invading digits squeezing and clamping them tight. Then his tongue hit her! WOW... the sensations assailing her cunt drove her toward heaven! Bucking her hips back onto his tongue, feeling his fingers rolling her clit and stroking, rubbing and caressing it harder and harder.
"Ohhh, ahhhh... yes Carl... ahhhh Oooohhh! Lick me out.... harder!... Mmmm!"

Kathy until then a willing spectator suddenly sprawled on the desk legs either side of Wendy's head. Pulling her face up with one hand and pointing to her slit with the other she mouthed one word,”

Without a moments hesitation Wendy flicked free porn movies download her tongue out hitting Kathy squarely between her thighs. Kathy's clit bouncing before her eyes she set to with relish! Just as she felt Carl rise, his hands holding her buttocks and his manhood swollen to an enormous size prodding against her slit she tasted Kathy's juices. /sweet/">sweet honey on her tongue, cunt being stretched wide! And wider as he drove his weapon remorselessly in and further in! Pushing forward pulling her hips back onto his thrusting member Carl bored into her harder and ever faster!

She called out but with a mouthful of pussy it was difficult! His enormous manhood stretching her cunt wide forcing her muscles to grip his cock as he drove it hard into her. Thrusting her hips back to meet his and dipping her head once more to the task of eating Kathy's pussy out, Wendy was soon gasping for release! The sweet tasting honey-dew from her friends cunt on her lips and tongue flicking over and round the swollen pussylips then finding and biting Kathy's throbbing clit! Forcing her thrusting tongue further up her sodden minge and suck out all her hot juices!
"Aaaaah. Ohhh yes, Wendy. Mmmm suck me off... ooooh!"”