My Boss Slutty Wife

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My Boss Slutty Wife


Hi Friends! I am Hitesh from Pune. I work for a plastic products manufacturer here as a Personal Assistant to the Chairman. I am 27, and am unmarried. I am 6ft. tall, fair skin, brown eyes, neatly trimmed stubble, wavy brown hair and a lady killer smile. I have been working with my boss since 5 years and am quite satisfied with the job. I have been provided with a cozy house and a car for my travelling as my house and the office are rather distant.

Now with so long an acquaintance with my boss has made me a near family member to him and his family, which consists of a /sweet/">sweet wife and a 5 year old girl child. My boss?s wife is real beautiful and sexy. I have been in many family gatherings of my boss and get to see his wife only so many times. Her name is Shilpi and she is about my age (I guess you thought my boss was too old!) and is nearly 5?8? in height. She believes in keeping fit and looks like a 24year old girl. She has a 36C size, and an hourglass figure. She has a silky honey colored skin and light green eyes. Her full lips are a perfect pink and her thick hairs are bouncy and natural brown. She likes them untied or bound in a pony or something so she lets them fall and they run up to her slim waist. She also has a pleasant voice and a set of perfect teeth which dazzle when she smiles.

Last month my boss had to go abroad for some foreign venture and I was to drop him at the Mumbai international air terminal. He was going for about a fortnight and I was responsible for the smooth running of the business here. The business is doing well and he owns a farm house between Mumbai and Pune. It is a peaceful place and quite big. The colonial type bungalow there is of wood and no modern amenities like electricity, etc. are available there. Yet it is a good place to spend a night or two. We often used it to break a journey in case we travelled late in the night.

Shilpi insisted on coming along to the airport and I advised her to drop her /daughter/">daughter with her parents in case we came home late. She agreed. We set out on our journey and it was late in the evening when we were able to start back for home. It was looking like rain and when we had started, a drizzle had begun. By the time we had reached nearby the farm house, the drizzle turned into a big thunderstorm. The wipers on the windscreen were unable to cope up with the deluge and I gave my cell phone to Shilpi and said, ?visibility is as good as low. I?ll try to make it to the farm house. Better inform your parents of the situation and tell them not to worry. Also tell them we?ll start as soon as the rains stop.? I maneuvered the car carefully into the dirt road that would take us to the farm house as she called her parents to inform them of our jam.

The dirt road was a quagmire now and I had difficulty in getting through many depressions as the tires sometimes stuck in a particularly soft swamp. The wipers were hopelessly trying to cut the heavy downpour and visibility was already low, and all of a sudden some electrical problem and the head lamps packed up on us. I got worried and I drove ultra cautiously now. Due to lack of illumination I was unable to make out the road ahead and to our add to our woes the car hit a very soft spot on the road, in my attempt to get it released, the tires sunk more inside the swamp. I got out in the rains and tried to extricate the car, but the car was bogged down real bad.

My hands were soiled and I opened to door and said to Shilpi, ?Hard Luck, Ma?am! The cars stuck. We have to walk down to the farm house, it is not very far off now. Think you can make it?? she smiled and said, ?Ok! It?s better to walk to warmth than to spend an entire night inside a cold and clammy car on a rainy night.? She got out of the car. I had a torch on me and I switched it on. We walked together, I was already wet and she got wet within no time. It took us about 15 minutes to reach the farm house. We were drenched to the skin by the time we reached there. I opened the door and we entered. It was dark and cold inside. I made her sit on a chair and set about looking for a candle or a lantern. I found an old oil lantern and shook it to make sure it had xxx oil inside it. The oil seemed to be full and set to light the wick. The lamp was old but gave a good light. I found a candle and lit that too. I put the lamp on the table where Shilpi was sitting and with the aid of the candle I went to the fireplace. It was installed for such a night as this. The place was always stocked with logs for fire. I put the fire on and the log caught on immediately. The place warmed up in a business like way, thanks to the black pipes laid in the ceiling through the fireplace which acted as a radiator.

There was a comfortable two seater near the fireplace and I made Shilpi sit there for warmth. I blew out the candle and took the lamp to the bath and had a wash and a bath. I toweled myself dry and had to wrap around a bathrobe which boss uses when he is around. Even my underwear was drenched. I felt awkward with nothing else on except the bathrobe. I got out and lit another fire in the kitchen for light and gave Shilpi the lamp. I said gently, ?Ma?am! You?ll catch a cold or something. Go to your room, have a bath and get changed, while I fix something up to eat.? She looked up at me smilingly and said, ?what do you expect to find here?? I said with the flair of an accomplished Italian chef, ?No Problemo, Senorita! Hitesh will take care of it ?ol.? She laughed and I said, ?Ma?am! The larder is kept well stocked here as the boss may take it into his mind all of a sudden to make a visit here.? She laughed and said, ?Hitesh! Don?t call me Ma?am, it makes me feel old. You can call me Shilpi. Think you can manage all by yourself?? I said, ?sure Ma?am!? checked myself as I saw a look of reproach in her eyes, grinned and said, ?sorry, Shilpi!? she laughed again and went to her room for a bath and change of clothes.

I wondered if she had clothes stored in the farm house then gave up the speculation as I set about to put the wood and oil burning stove in action. The house was silent and I jumped as she entered the kitchen when I was half way through readying the supper and called out, ?How?s the dinner coming, Hitesh?? I didn?t look back, but I replied over my shoulder, ?it?s coming swell. I hope you like it. I have made out some beans in a gravy, some eggs and some dry toasts to be followed by some coffee. You want something else?? she smelled the air appreciatively and said, ?getting wet in all that rain has made me hungry and the food smells good. God! It has made me ravenous.? We laughed together and came close to stand by me as I cooked the food. Her smooth legs came into my view. They looked sexy. She was wearing a short black satiny bathrobe around her. It not only accentuated her figure, it tended only to make her look sexier. The light from the fire reflected seductively off her. I looked up at her, some locks of hair were falling down on her face. She looked like a diva. I was drawn towards her and felt for her like this for the /first-time/">first time in the long time association with her. I liked her and was getting an erection looking at her this way. I looked back to the pan, I was not supposed to think of her this way.

I said, ?why don?t you make yourself comfortable and sit on the chair, I am nearly done.? She said, ?nothing doing. I am giving you a helping hand in this.? She placed her left hand on my right arm and took the handle of pan from my hand. Her touch felt warm and soft. And she was uncomfortably close to me. I hoped she didn?t get too close. I moved back and looked in a cupboard for some plates. I found two and I also collected two bowls for the beans and cups for the coffee. I turned around and was treated to the view of a magnificent back etching of her marvelous figure. Her legs were nicely shaped and her figure was hot too. The dress magnified her hot body by clinging to her body.

I walked towards the stove and helped her placing the food on the plates. Our hands rubbed occasionally in the process and it pleased me a lot. I noticed her hands and feet were well manicured. The fingernails and toenails were tinted red. She was a perfect sculpture by God?s hand. I was well and good aroused by her closeness. I carried the plates to the dining table and she brought in the bowls of beans porn videos download and cups of coffee on a tray. She sat down to dine and I said, ?wait.? She looked up enquiringly. I merely smiled at her and she nodded, smiling back. I went in and found the candle I had blown out. I lit it and fished for a bottle of water in the water bucket. This bucket was made of wood and bottles filled with water were immersed in water in this bucket to cool them. I found one and went back to the table. I put the candle on the table and placed the bottle of water near her plate, then I went and sat opposite her. I grinned, ?well Ma?am! I guess this is improper, but still in view of the circumstances, I would call it a good candle lit dinner.? She laughed and we spooned in the eggs and the beans. She exclaimed munching on a dry toast, ?where did you learn to make such good food, Hitesh?? I smiled in pleasure and said, ?I have been cooking since I was studying in class 9 as my parents had to travel a lot. Sometimes the food was half cooked, sometimes overdone or burnt. But I ate it and gradually improvised in my methods and here I am, Chef Hitesh!? we laughed and finished the dinner. I picked up the plates and took it to the sink for a wash. She came by and helped me in the washing. My occasional encounter with her smooth skin was arousing me again. I wiped the utensils dry and asked her, ?would you like some more coffee?? she said, ?yes, but do you by any chance have some brandy here?? I said, ?I think so, why?? she replied, ?the food has made me full but I feel colder all over than before and I would like it to warm me up a bit. Can you add some brandy to the coffee?? I said, ?coffee with schnapps it is.? She looked up quizzically and asked, ?Schnapps? What is that meant to be?? I laughed and said, ?it is German for brandy.? She looked astonished, ?you know German?? I said, ?some, but not all of it. You may catch a cold, so now go and sit by the fireplace.? As she went to the fireplace, I put a saucepan on the stove and warmed some water, I added the coffee when the water simmered and let the brew boil. I put some brandy in both our cups and then drained the liquid from the pan into the cups. The aroma lent some warmth to the atmosphere. I carried the drinks to the fireplace and handed her a cup, she grasped the cup with both her hands, her fingers wrapping around it for warmth and brushing my hand as she did so, the fire was crackling merrily and gave off some sparks once in a while. I looked around for a poker, found and poked the fire a bit. Then I came back and sat on the sofa. She leant forward to look into the fire as she sipped her coffee. I was sitting back, relaxed. I liked to be close to her and her view was good. We drank our coffee in silence.

She asked at length, ?Hitesh, do you mind if I take a nap on your arm?? I said, ?not at all.? And placed my left hand on the back of the sofa. She rested her head on my arm and closed her eyes. Her neck and some of her chest was visible. That along with the dark robe around her made me curious to know what she would look like without her robe. I averted my eyes from her and looked into the fire. She must have gone to sleep, I tried to remove my hand from below her head carefully so as not to wake her up. She turned around her head coming to rest on my chest, and put her arms around me, pressing close for warmth. Her breasts pushed close to me, her left leg was on my groin and accidentally inside my robe her bare leg rubbing against mine. The feeling was nice and I was getting harder all the time.

I was immobilized and could not move without waking her up in the process. Her mouth was close to my neck and I felt her hot breath on my neck. She shivered due to cold, the air was penetrating through her sheer garment. I managed to shake myself out of her grip. I looked in the basement cupboard and found a blanket to cover her body. I put the blanket on her and my heart throbbing for her. I longed to kiss her soft lips and cheeks. She stirred, opened her eyes once and closed her eyes again. I thought of taking her to her room and put her to bed comfortably. I gently picked her up in my arms, her thighs felt warm and soft on my arms. Her cleavage was peeping out seductively from her robe, her neck lolling back against my arm. I would have just loved to bed her with me.

I somehow made it to her room and put her on her bed. Her blanket had fallen off her and she shivered as the thin cold air went through her garment. The robe covering her bottom was disarranged and my eyes popped out at the glimpse of her silky thighs and coverless shaved pussy. It gave me a hardon. My hand automatically moved to touch her silky pussy and she moaned lightly. I snapped back to /reality/">reality and withdrew my hand. I hastily pulled the garment to cover her crotch. I picked up the blanket and was about to put it on her when I realized that she was wide awake and was looking at me. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I said, ?sorry to disturb you, but you had slipped into a sleep and I thought of putting you in your bed. Good night, I am going to sleep.? I turned to leave and she grabbed my wrist. She said, ?why don?t you settle for the night by my side and give me some warmth. I see you are longing to do so and are an expert hand.? I could not resist, the way in which she had put up the proposal. I sat on the edge of her bed and she grabbed me close to her by my head. Her lips puckered up and locked with mine for a long and passionate kiss. I waited for the kiss to last and lay on top of her, our bare legs rubbing.

Our eyes met. She pushed over to her side and undid my robe, and held my erect cock. She said, ?Oh Hitesh! I have been waiting to fuck you ever since I saw your erect dick down in the kitchen. You thought I didn?t know that, huh? I have been sensing your desire since then, since our hands brushed by while working in the kitchen and while you had paused to look at my back when you had gone to get the plates out of the cupboard. Didn?t you think it was accidental of my bare leg getting inside your robe when I came close to you by the fireplace? Well, I did it on purpose. I was wondering why you hadn?t asserted yourself on me then. If it hadn?t been your noticing me awake when you were rubbing my pussy, I think you would have done it to me. Still, the night?s not over yet and we can have a good time even now. So baby, give me the biggest fuck of your life.? With this she snuggled closer and kissed me again, stroking my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I undid the string holding her robe and it slid down her smooth body. I played with her soft breasts, her nipples getting erect with every stroke my fingers made on her breasts. I bit them and she made noises of pleasure. She got up and I made her kneel over me, her pussy facing my mouth and her mouth facing my cock. She ate up my cock entirely and I licked her pussy. We climaxed together and came in each other?s mouth. We got off the bed and she came close to me in an embrace, we kissed in the heat of passion, my semi-erect member now fully erect and grazing against her dripping pussy. I got inside her, standing at first and we stood in position for some time. Then I lifted her to the bed and fucked her entering her pussy from her behind, my right hand on her waist and once in a while /tickling/">tickling her navel. She shivered with lust and pleasure every time I entered her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. She came again on my cock and I lost control and unloaded my jizz inside her.

We kissed again and she stroked my cock again. we were lying and she came on top of me and impaled her pussy on my hard cock and kept her upper close to mine as she fucked me, I gave her body support by holding her by her sides. The bed creaked loudly in conjunction to the rhythmic slapping of our naked bodies. We came together, our juices mixing inside her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy and she collapsed on me. I hugged her close, my cock still inside her. We slept for some time in the position and we were ready again for another session.

The morning was clear and the rains had subsided. The sun shone into the room as we woke up to the morning with the sun rays reflecting off her seductive breasts while she was astride on top of me and stretching her pussy
To the max as my cock got buried to the hilt inside her /wet/pussy-wet/juicy-wet-pussy/">juicy wet pussy.
We took a bath together in the bathtub, her soft body contours rocking close to me and I came inside her again and I bedded her again after toweling each other dry.

We had a breakfast with her sitting on my lap and had another session before we were ready to leave for home. We finally extracted the car from the swamp and started for home. She was not content and played with my all the way home and pulled me inside her apartment to have her hot pussy drilled by my thick and hard cock again.

She indirectly had her husband instruct me to sleep in his apartment till he reached home and I spent the rest of the nights in the bedroom I slept in after getting her daughter to sleep.

Today my boss is leaving for a trip abroad again, and I look forward to have another rocking fortnight with his slutty wife and quality time of a whole night to be spent in her bedroom at the farm house... ;-)