The Cum Factory

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The Cum Factory

It had all begun quite innocently when Jim phoned in response to the ad he heard each morning when he called the ’Weather Line’ on his home phone. It announced that healthy, non-smoking males and females could earn up to five thousand dollars assisting with some medical research at a local medical research facility. Mike called and talked to a receptionist who didn’t tell him much but asked him some general health questions and then some personal questions about his sex life which he found sort of embarrassing. Anyway, he made an appointment for a personal interview and was told that he would learn more about the research at the completion of the interview.

On the day of the interview Jim showed up at the Regional Center for Human Medical Research and was shown to a small office. In a few moments a young woman with shoulder length auburn hair and dressed in a white lab coat entered the room and introduced herself as Dr. Julie Thompson. She had a file with her and Jim guessed it was his own ’file’ which couldn’t consist of much ore at this point than his answers to the questions that had been asked of him on the phone.
’Jim, tell me, when you ejaculate, how far does the stream shoot? Ten feet? More? Less?’

Jim could feel his face redden. He was sort of shocked at this first question, but then he felt that he had no right to since he had called them without knowing what was coming next.

’Well, most of the time I ejaculate, it’s inside some woman’s vagina’ he answered innocently enough.
’Well, certainly, but if you’re like most men, you masturbate, don’t you?’
’Ahh, well, yeah, sure, sure I do,’ answered Jim.
’Okay,’ Julie continued, ’Let’s go back a step. How often do you masturbate?’
’I guess two or three times a week’ responded Jim.
’And when you do masturbate, are you usually sitting down, laying down, what position?’
’I am normally laying on my back.’
’When you /climax/">climax and ejaculate, how far does the stream of ejaculate go? Ten feet up, five feet, less, or does it just dribble out of your penis?’
’If I had to guess, I would say about three feet.’
’Normally,’ Julie continued, ’A man will release about seven to ten milliliters of semen out of his penis, that is about a teaspoon full. Would you say you squirt this much, more, less?’ Julie queried.

’I honestly don’t know,’ said Jim.
’Well, don’t worry about it. During the next three day we will find out a lot about your semen production and how much you ejaculate and much more about your sexuality than you probably ever knew.’
’Three days? Will I be staying here, or do I go home at night?’
’You will be staying with us the entire time. Don’t worry, you will be well compensated. We have to find out what happens at different times of the day and night.’
’Oh’ was all Jim could muster. ’Well, Okay, it sounds interesting, anyway.’
’Jim, you are going to enjoy this. I can assure you there will be nothing painful, only pleasure. All the doctors and staff that will be assisting you are women, very beautiful women.’

Just as Julie had finished, another woman in a lab coat entered the room and introduced herself as Pam. She told Jim she was going to take him to his room and give him some general instructions and information about what he might be expecting the next three days. Jim followed her down a corridor and then into another. She slid a plastic ’key’ into the knob on the door and led Jim into a very luxuriously furnished suite. There was a living area, kitchen, wet bar, bathroom, two bedrooms and sort of an ’examining’ room as wwwxxx he had experienced in many /doctor/">doctor’s offices. Pam explained that this was for his comfort and experience. She then told him that what they would be doing over the next several days is testing an herbal extract that was supposed to make males produce a greater amount of semen. In addition, the personnel at the Center would be using various techniques to stimulate his testicles and others to strengthen certain muscles in his abdomen that are involved in the ejaculatory process.

’Hopefully, after a few days, when you ejaculate, you will be able to shoot across the room, and the amount you shoot will exceed the norm by many hundreds of times. In other words, Jim, your load will be considerable and will be transported out of your penis with much greater force. I am going to ask that you begin taking the herbal supplement right now.’

Pam handed Jim a small vial of clear liquid and told him to put it in an eight ounce glass of water. She told him it had no taste, so not to worry about that. She said that in about a half hour or so he might begin to experience sexual feelings and in fact, the substance may cause him to have a spontaneous /erection/">erection. She advised him not to masturbate though and assured him that nothing that he was taking would cause him to climax if he didn’t want to. She told him a technician would be in to see him in about an hour and a half or so.

Pam left the room and Jim went into the kitchen and got a glass, mixed the contents of the small vial with 8 ounces of water and drank it. She was right, it had no taste at all. She was also right about the other thing. In about a half hour he felt very amorous and could feel an erection beginning. He tried not to think about it, but, it kept growing. Fortunately, very shortly after he was fully erect there was a knock at the door and he opened it to see yet another beautiful ’technician.’
’Hi, Jim. I’m Andrea and I’m going to be doing some initial testing. You took the herbal extract that Pam left with you, right?’
’Yeah, and I have to admit she was right. I have an erection that’s really beginning to bother me.’
’Excellent, Jim, this is really good. Let’s go into your private examining room. ’

Jim followed Andrea into the small room.

’I am going to ask that you take all your clothing off, Jim and have a seat on the table.’
Jim did as he was told. He sat on the edge of what appeared to be a normal examining table.
’I want you to lay back and get comfortable’ Andrea said.

Jim laid back and put his hands under his head, trying to relax. He felt a bit embarrassed as he was laying there his seven and a half inch erection was so obvious, at least he thought it was. Andrea said nothing. She brought over a device that looked like some sort of mesh measuring thing and slid it over his penis, making certain adjustments so that it fit snugly and accommodated his entire erect penis comfortably.

’Jim, your erection is very good. You are about seven and seven-eights inches long and about six and a half inches in girth. You have a very nice size penis. ’
She removed the device and felt every inch of his organ beginning with the head. She ran her fingers around in a very clinical fashion and then began feeling up and down the shaft, paying particular attention to the underside of his cock. Her hands then moved to his nuts and she began a digital examination of each testicle. Then she took another tool off her tray. This one resembled a micrometer. She used the calipers to measure the size of each of his gonads. This was beginning to feel a little too good for his own comfort, but he didn’t know how he was supposed to act.

’Jim, I know what I am doing is stimulating you sexually, but we need the information. When I am done I will make sure your condition is relieved.’
She then began feeling behind his scrotum and palpitating the muscles.
’Jim, I want you to stand up, I want to feel your prostate gland.’

Jim stood, facing away from Andrea. He could hear the rubber glove snap as she put it over her hand. She then spread his cheeks and shoved two fingers up his ass. He could feel her manipulating his prostate and for a minute he though the sensation was going to bring him to orgasm. He heard another snap and knew that part of the exam was over.

’Ok, Jim, back on the table, on your back, please. I’m going to bring you to orgasm now, so just relax and enjoy it as you would any other sexual climax.’
Andrea opened the drawer and extracted a bottle of KY Silky lubricant and put some on one of her hands. She began with the head of his penis and then rubbed the slippery, odorless liquid over his entire shaft. The liquid had much the same feel as the juices that a woman produces and discharges from her vagina during sexual arousal.

’When you feel like your going to cum, Jim, please give me a moment or two advance warning, I want to collect your semen so I can see how much you the wwwxxx shoot out during a normal /ejaculation/">ejaculation. Remember, you’re just starting the herbal supplement.’
Andrea continued massaging Jim’s erection. She could feel it expand as it contracted and was thinking that it was a damn fine penis and that she would mind feeling it inside her vagina. Damn, whenever she did this part of an examination, she always found that she became aroused and wet.

’Andrea, I’m very close’ Jim said, barely audible.
’OK, thanks.’

She stopped her manual stimulation only a moment, long enough to recover a small receptacle from the shelf. She held it in one hand while she continued manipulating Jim’s cock. Soon he began panting and it was apparent he was having an orgasm. He tried to watch as his penis began shooting his white semen into the small bottle. It felt like it was coming out faster and harder, it almost hurt, but damn, it felt good. It seemed like an awful lot of cum was shooting out of his penis.

’Wow, Jim, this little bottle is almost full. From the notes I have, this is quite a bit more than you normally produce. I will evaluate this. You just relax a few minutes and let your arousal subside. We still have some tests to run, but don’t worry, you will be able to have another erection very soon. I also want you to take the tablets I’m leaving on the table over there. Just take them with a glass of water.’

Jim waited about ten minutes for his penis to return to a flaccid state. Well, it never got totally limp and remained about three inches long, very little ’shrinkage.’ He grabbed the two little white pills, put on the short hospital type robe they left him and went into his kitchen to get some water. He took the pills and went into the living area to turn on the television. In about fifteen minutes, he was getting very drowsy so he went back into the bedroom to lay down and watch the tube in there. He laid down on the bed and flipped the T.V. on with the remote that had been conveniently left on the night stand. About the last thing Jim remembered as he drifted off was how relaxed and comfortable he felt.

Andrea had been monitoring Jim by way of a closed circuit television camera. She noted he was sleeping and called Pam and Julie to advise them. Andrea was designated as the lead and she took two technicians and went to Jim’s suite. The three entered to find Jim comfortably asleep with his television on.
’Well, let’s see how he’s doing, sexually,’ Andrea said.

Without another word, the two techs, Jane and Hillary, went over to Jim and opened the robe he was wearing to find that Jim was sustaining an incredible erection.

’I’ll measure’ Jane said and took out the same sort of device that Andrea had used previously.
’Wow, looks like our herbal treatment is working,’ Jane said. ’He is now eight and a half inches long and seven inches around.’
Hillary wheeled in a small cart and began examining Jim’s balls. She was attaching two electrodes to his testicles as Jane and Andrea began stretching a thin, tarp-like cloth over the bed so that it was about six feet above Jim’s body. Andrea explained that this was so that when they ejaculated Jim they could see how strong his shot was.

’After he comes, we will have to collect as much of his semen as we can so we can see how much his semen production has increased and then count sperm to see what the production side is,’ Andrea announced.

Without further ado, Jane activated the electrodes on Jim’s balls and Hillary took out a bottle of KY silky and began massaging his engorged penis.
’He’s getting even bigger,’ Hillary said as she continued to masturbate Jim.
’He’s at the point of climax, at least physiologically,’ Hillary said. ’Is everyone ready?’

At that moment, Jim began ejaculating and the women noted that his cum shot up to the cloth that had been extended and made taut by tying it to hooks which were on the walls at various intervals. After two minutes, his penis was still shooting forth a strong stream of semen which was now dripping down as the three women tried to harvest it as it dripped down.

’Even missing some of this cum,’ Andrea said ’I can see that his production has almost quadrupled from when I checked him a couple of hours ago. The size of his penis has increased considerably and I think later on tonight or maybe early tomorrow, we’ll be ready for the ’range,’’ Andrea finished.
The three women quickly cleaned up and cleaned Jim up, wiping all traces of semen that had dripped on his body from the cloth above. They also took care to clean his penis and balls after they removed the stimulators. The three left the suite quietly.

About an hour later, Jim woke. He thought that he must have drifted off and looked at the clock. It told him he had been asleep for about two and a half hours. He got up and took a shower, thinking to himself, that was one sexy dream he had. He was recalling that he dreamed that two, maybe three women had ravaged him and that he had the most incredible orgasm he ever had. He saw that he was becoming aroused, but remembering what he was told about masturbating, he turned his mind to other things. He finished his shower and went into the kitchen to see if there was anything in there to eat. Before he had time to look there was a knock at his door and two male attendants wheeled a cart in with a full steak dinner.

’Dr. Fullsome will be in shortly to talk with you about this evening’s procedures,’ one of the attendants told Jim.
’Who’s Dr. Fullsome?’ Jim asked.
’Oh, that’s Andrea,’ the man said.

With that both attendants left the room and Jim sat down to eat. Damn, he was famished. With his food was a small vial of clear liquid with a note for him to mix this with eight ounces of water and drink. He did this, assuming it was more of the herbal stuff they were testing on him. He continued eating when he began having that sexual feeling between his legs again. He could feel his erection rising and at the same time heard another knock at his door.

’Come on in,’ Jim announced.
Andrea came in and sat down in the chair across from the one Jim was sitting in.
’Jim, you are making incredible progress,’ Andrea said.

She then went on to explain that they had done some measuring while Jim slept. She told him they weren’t sneaking around but had to be sure he was relaxed when they ejaculated him. She smiled when he told her he thought it was a dream, the best dream he had had in a long time. Andrea told him about his semen production, his penile growth and the distance he shot his load, even while laying down.

’Jim, I think you’re ready for what we call the ’range.’’ ’This is a carefully controlled test where we actually bring you to a room much like a shooting range. You will be stimulated by one of our technicians and you will be able to watch how far you shoot when you climax. We, of course, will measure that distance and your semen will be collected at the other end. You will be attached to a vacuum tube that will assist us in collecting the semen.’

’When is this going to happen?’
’As soon as you finish your supper.’

Jim was becoming aroused by the minute and Andrea, sensing this, called for an attendant so that they could bring Jim to the ’range’ in a wheel chair, as his erection was now substantial. The attendants came and they were on their way. When they arrived at this room, Jim was told to stand up and the two attendants that had assisted Andrea while he was asleep, Jane and Hillary, were again present and began taking Jim’s robe off. By now he was getting used to this female attention and rather liking it. Hillary began measuring his penis and noted that he was 9’ and 7 ’ in circumference. Jane had the KY and, after attaching the electrodes to his balls asked him to move forward to this glass plate. Jane administered the KY, rubbing it all over his penis and testicles and eased Jim forward telling to place his swollen member in the opening.

’This device will stimulate you to orgasm and allow you to shoot freely. We will be measuring both the distance and the amount of cum you shoot.’
Jim did as he was instructed and several second later he felt the pleasant sensation of this machine massaging his cock. He began breathing heavily as he felt further stimulation to his testicles and shortly began climaxing. This time the orgasm was so intense that Jim could hardly notice that his penis was shooting the ejaculate over twenty feet. The pleasurable feelings kept his cock pumping and he almost fainted from the pleasure. In fact, Hillary and Jane moved forward to hold him up as he continued to spurt. Even after he was finished, his erection didn’t subside. Jim sat down, feeling faint, but otherwise very well.

’Jim, remember me, I’m Dr. Julie Thompson, we met earlier today when you checked in. I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but you shot over twenty feet. And, look at this.’ Julie held up a large bottle, which must have been a pint or so. ’This is what you made during this part of the testing.’
Jim was flabbergasted. He was too spent to say much of anything. He just smiled.

’You will also notice,’ Julie continued that as long as you are on the supplement, your penis will be much larger when it is aroused and will be longer in its flaccid state.’

’But, if I take this supplement, I will have a constant erection,’ Jim was saying.
’Right now, yes, that happens, but as your body gets used to this herbal mix you will be able to control your erections much as you do right now. In other words, you won’t get hard unless you want to. Right now we are going to take you back to your suite so that you can rest.’

Hillary wheeled Jim back to his suite and left him at the door, bidding him good night. Jim entered feeling energized at this point. He noticed his robe was open and thought his penis was no longer erect, the size of it was incredible. Whereas before he had been maybe two and a half inches when he was soft, his cock was now maybe five inches. The head was bigger too. He smiled to himself. He thought he would watch T.V. in his bedroom awhile so headed back there. There was a small light on one of the bedside tables and he could see there was a woman in the bed.

’Jim, it’s me, Andrea, I’m here for a field trial.’
Andrea pulled back the blankets to reveal her naked body. Jim thought to himself how /gorgeous/">gorgeous she was. /tits/large-tits/">large tits, god maybe 38 Cs or Ds. Her strawberry blond hair was evident around her pussy, neatly trimmed but copious. The labia were beginning to swell. Andrea was playing with her nipples, which were erect and large.
’Jim, I want you to fuck me. During the time I was examining you, I had to contain myself and maintain a clinical demeanor. Now I want to feel that massive piece of meat between my legs.’

Jim removed his robe and slid into bed next to Andrea. She faced him and kissed Jim softly on the lips and then put her arms around him inviting him to move closer to her. They began kissing more passionately and Jim could feel himself rising to the occasion. This wasn’t lost on Andrea as she reached down and took his organ in her hand and stroked it softly, playing with the head.’

’I would say your size has increased wonderfully, Fuck me with that monster.’
Jim was surprised but raised himself as Andrea opened her legs, spreading her lips with her fingers so Jim could insert his cock in her /hole/love-hole/">love hole. He put the tip in, and finding Andrea drenched slid it in as far as he could. He went slowly realizing her cunt was tight. He was also much bigger.

’Hey /boy/big-boy/">big boy, easy, I can feel the head of your cock pushing into my cervix.’
Jim began moving in and out of Andrea’s pussy and then slid his penis out of her and began massaging her swollen clit with the head of his cock. He could hear her breathing become heavier as his massage continued.

’I’m cummmming’..’
Jim inserted his penis into Andrea so that her clit rode its thickness. She climaxed violently. Jim felt he could go on forever. He withdrew after Andrea had calmed a bit and she rolled on top of him, guiding his stiffness into her sopping hole. She slowly lowered herself and leaned back. He could see himself going into her pussy and couldn’t believe how wide he had stretched her pussy opening. Her clit was still swollen and he massaged it gently with his fingers. Then Andrea leaned forward so that her tits were just touching Jim’s chest. She began moving up and down on his erection as he held her hips, as if controlling her movements. Then he as he began feeling the first spasms of his orgasm, Hillary and Jane entered the room, both naked, both incredible beautiful. As Andrea continued to fuck him he saw Hillary lay down and take his balls in her hand. As Andrea continued her cunt stroke Hillary was massaging his balls and Jane was stroking his cock as it came out of Andrea. He soon began cumming and like before, his orgasmic spasms lasted for what seemed like hours. He knew his orgasm lasted a full three minutes and his cock was still throbbing. Andrea looked wasted as she lay atop him. He realized she had another orgasm herself and so intense was his he hadn’t noticed. Hillary was licking his cum as it kept pouring out of Andrea’s pussy. Was this heaven, or what?
Andrea lifted herself off Jim’s still engorged penis.

’Jim, tomorrow is another day and the testing will continue. I hope you enjoyed your first day at the Cum Factory as much as we enjoyed making your cum.’
With that she was gone. Jim didn’t have the energy to get up and take a shower, but he noticed the glass of water and the little vial of clear liquid with a note for him not to forget his herbs.