In my room

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
In my room

I am a 36 year old white woman with blue eyes and /blonde/">blonde hair. My body is firm and my breasts are a 40DDD. I live in a large city and do not know many people other than my family. My husband works at a large law firm, and I am a stay at home /mom/">mom. My husbands brother Ted just moved in with us, because his wife left him for another man. He is not much like my husband. He is tall and firm, he works out quite a bit in the apartments attached /gym/">gym. I often watch him as he gets ready to work out, his big muscles streching against the lycra of his shit, and the enormous bulge that protrudes from his crotch.

One thursday I was putting away some clothes in the bedroom when Ted poked his head in the door. I was bending over the laundry basket in my short shorts (wearing no /underwear/">underwear because it was all in the laundry). My face reddened because I had a suspision that my pussy was poking out the crotch of my shorts. Ted walked across the room and asked if I needed any help. I said no, I could handle it. My eyes couldn't help drifing to his crotch and my pussy began moising just thinking about how enormous it must be, to always be bulging so tightly against his pants.

"I really had another question" Ted began "I was wondering if you had any single friends. It has been a long time since I have fucked a woman, and I want to find someone to have a non commited sex life with. I am not ready to have a relationship yet."

"I don't have anyone in mind" I replied, really thinking I would like to be the one. It had been a long time since my husband and I have had any /real/real-sex/">real sex life. He is very busy at work and tired at night. My constant need for sex is a drain on him.
"Ted" I began "Maybe I could use some help."

I bent over again reaching to the laundry basket, adjusting my shorts to be sure he saw my dripping pussy. "I was wondering if you are any good at plumbing, I seem to have a leak."

In one motion Ted had my shorts around my ankles and his fingers thrust deep into my /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-wet-pussy/">hot wet pussy. I groaned with pleasure. I turned and began opening his jeans and sliding them to the floor. I took is 8 inch cock in my mouth and began to suck. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock down my throat. I took all 8 inches of it wanting more. I sucked until he was throbbing, begging for more. He pushed me down onto the floor and thrust his dick into my hot throbbing pussy. I screamed in pleasure and began convulsing in orgasmic pleasure. Ted began thrusting quickly as if he could not control himself. I begged for it harder and faster. blowjob porn videos Ted shot his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy and we collapsed onto eachother.

As we lay there in shock over what we had done, my husband walked in. He stood in the doorway, and stared. I was so afraid of what he would do, I began to get up. "You better do it again" he said Ted looks like he is ready and I would love to join in. I have fantisized about fucking you up the ass while someone is giving it to you in your pussy."

That was the beginning of a new better life milf porn videos for me.